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Recent Works


UK- commercial Installation

A sports facility in North London wanted to introduce something new for existing members, as well as try to attract new members, by offering a fun and easy alternative to tennis and squash. 

The padel courts are hired by the hour to provide a new income stream, but is also a great way to mix current squash players with tennis players in a sport that involves skills from both sports.

The courts were built partially over a run-down practice wall area and partially over grass.

A reinforced steel/concrete ring beam, for the walls of the court to be anchored to, was built on top of a  foundation of crushed stone, and the playing surface was finished flush using tarmac.

The courts installed include a panoramic model, allowing perfect spectator viewing, and a club  WPT court in a matching finish.

UK- commercial installation

A sports and fitness club in South West London wanted to update their facilities and offer something new to their members.

The new padel court was constructed over a tarmac base, and is a club court.

The turf use is a mondo pro turf with kiln dried and washed silica sand infill.

The court sits between newly completed tennis courts and is in the ideal location to promote the spor.

The colour of the structure is matched to the surrounding fencing.

The turf was chosen to blend into the grass that will soon be laid.

The lights are  4 x single LED units that match the new tennis court lighting scheme.

The court will give its members years of fun, and hopefully attract new local members


UK - Residential installation

A private residency in Yorkshire wanted to install a court in the garden. The owner has a passion for the sport and saw it as a great addition to the tennis court already installed.

The base was constructed using a reinforced ring-beam over crushed stone. The playing surface  was finished in tarmac.

The client had a building team on site already working on the house renovation. They were capable of doing the work on the base and we therefore provided the exact specification and working method to them and they were able to build the correct base.

We then installed the court over that base.

We used a dark green for the metal structure and a green turf to blend with the surrounding grassy areas.

The court we installed was a club model, with 8 x LED floodlights.

UK - Residential installation

A private residency in  Ryedale wanted to install a court to accompany their future croquet lawn & paddock.

The site  of construction was very boggy and the soil didn't allow water to drain well. This needed to be a consideration when planning  the  construction of the base.

The base was constructed using a steel reinforced concrete slab method, with drainage slope on surface. 

The client had requested that the court be closed off on one side and left open on the other. There was also a request to shorten the floodlight height. We done this at the manufacturing stage

We used a very dark green colour for the metal structure and a dark green turf.

The court we installed was a  pro club 1 model, with 8 x LED floodlights.


Other Recent Works