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Turf specifications


We use high quality turf brands including Mondo.


Short turf surface with silica sand: (indoor)

we recommend Supercourt or Fibrilated 

• Medium speed of play

• Spin and slice reactive

• Easy, low cost maintenance

* Less silica required



Medium turf surface with silica sand: (outdoor) 

We recommend Monofilament or Fibrilated

• Medium speed of play

• Great durability – perfect for clubs

• Even bounce of the ball

• Good surface grip even when wet

• Spin and slice reactive

• Sufficiently drains heaviest rainfall

• Easy, low cost maintenance







Our Net

Net high tenacity polypropylene, manufactured according NIDE Padel 2004 standard. It shall be suspended by a wire 3x5mm plastic, attached to the central pole of the track, one of them equipped with clamping ring and the other a removable winch handle, bolted to the pole to give power to the net. The tensioning of the et in the middle of the field must provide a height of 920mm at the ends and in the center of 880mm.

 official net of Brazil 2014