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Padel Courts in London & UK

The Steel Enclosure


Padel Courts are completely enclosed. The structure is made of steel posts, wire mesh paneling and glass walls.


The glass back walls span the full 10m width of the court (interior measurement) and are 3m high. Additionally there is a 1m high wire mesh fence above the glass wall, making the overall height of the back walls of the court 4m.


 There are 2 main metal components to the structure -

upright columns & mesh panels.


Columns: The metal vertical columns are made of galvanized steel (cold-formed). These are then coated with an

aqua-phobic primer, zinc based paint, lacquered and baked. 


Mesh panels: The wire mesh areas are fabricated from high-quality electro-welded pre-galvanized steel. They are then primed, painted, lacquered and baked.


* Structure is weather resistant and strengthened

 to avoid potential warping, bending or sagging.


* Steel has been plaforized,

coated with zinc primer and lacquered.


* Steel is baked at 200ยบ with high-performance, protective,

 thermoplastic type PLASCOAT PPA 571 ES

Protection System offers strength 1000hr salt spray


* Meets all EU/UK standards