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The Padel Court Surface

When constructing an outdoor court


The inside dimensions of a padel court are 20m x 10m.

The base dimensions need to be a little larger, at 20.5m x 10.5m, to allow the walls to sit on and be anchored to it.


This base can be made from a 300-400mm thick concrete slab (depends on site).

This needs to be finished to achieve a very slight fall towards the centre playing net, or to one side of the court, so that surface water drains away.


We can also achieve a totally flat finish, whilst still maintaining structural

integrity of the base and maintaining effective water drainage.


To do this,  a layer of 300mm crushed stone is compacted and then finished with tarmac up to a height of 400mm. A 400mm depth steel reinforced concrete ring-beam support around the perimeter of court is added to increase its strength.


Subterranean pipes should be used to channel excess water away from base.


When building indoors

 a flat concrete base is quite often already present.

Therefore it is likely that no additional civil engineering works are required.

 In many cases in the UK, the tennis court surface is a porous macadam surface when outdoor, or concrete slab when indoors. 


It is also possible to build a padel court over an existing tennis court.


We can issue a specification for this work and also issue a separate quotation for the works, prior to the installing the Padel facility. Some choose to build the base themselves using trusted local builders. Once the base is prepared, indoor or outdoor, the preferred surface for Padel Tennis is a sand dressed artificial grass turf. A 10mm dense turf suit indoors and 15mm turf outdoors.