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History of Padel Tennis


Padel is typically played in doubles on an enclosed court about half the size of a tennis court. Scoring is the same as normal tennis and the balls used are similar, but with a little less pressure. The main differences are that the court has walls and the balls can be played off them in a similar way as in the game of squash. Solid, stringless racquets are used. The height of the ball being served must be at or below waist level. The sport was invented in Acapulco, Mexico, by Enrique Corcuera in 1969. It is currently most popular in Hispanic American countries such as Argentina and Mexico, as well as in Spain, although it is now beginning to spread rapidly across Europe and other continents. 

About Padel Tennis London LTD

Padel Tennis London is a collective of 4 passionate padel players and coaches trying to grow the sport of Padel throughout the UK. To do this, courts need to be constructed! Our mission is to offer the highest standard of product at the best possible price. Our product is guaranteed and comes with manufacture warranty.


Why choose us?


· We are passionate about the sport of padel

· We are a British Padel approved supplier and installer

· We manufacture padel courts to customers’ specifications

· We offer a full warranty with our courts

· We are experienced in building the courts and managing clubs

· Over 1000 courts manufactured to date