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The Enclosure

Padel Courts are completely enclosed, with wire meshing and glass walls.

The back walls should be 10m across (interior measurement) and 3m high. Additionally there should be a 1m high wire mesh fence above the solid wall making the total height of the backs of the court 4m.

The side walls are also made up of both a solid (glass) wall and wire meshing.

The metal structure is made of steel, cold-formed, and providing the structure of the enclosure required to withstand the pressures to which it will be subjected. The structure is also reinforced by resistant elements to avoid potential warping, bending or sagging of the 12mm thick tempered glass and court meshes. The frames forming the mesh play area is fixed to the rigid vertical columns by bolted joints. The areas of galvanised metal are primed with Aqua-phobic Primer.

Wire mesh enclosure for forming glass track fabricated from freestanding structured frameworks 3.000x2.000 and 2.000x1.000 high quality pre-galvanized steel 2m, with tubes 80x40x2 and 100x40x2 and  2m height plaforized 50x50x4 mesh and finish, with zinc primer and lacquer baked at 200ยบ with high performance thermoplastic type PLASCOAT PPA 571 ES (Protection System offers strength 1000h salt spray). Reinforcing screws in stainless steel.

Structure guaranteed for 15 years.